Registration 2019-2020


The general public is hereby informed that registration for Early Simulation for the upcoming school year 2019-2020 for the Helmich Snijders Hillside Christian Schools in St. Peters will be take place during the month of February 2019.

Date:  Monday February 11th to February 13th, 2019


These are the required documents for registration:


  1. One copy of child’s passport

  2. One copyof child’s birth certificate

  3. Recent Registration Form from the Census Office

  4. Two copies of child’s vaccination documents

  5. Valid residence permit if child doesn’t have the Dutch Nationality

  6. Two recent passport pictures

  7. Transfer Letter ( former day care/play school )

  8. Copy of medical insurance of parents/child

  9. Registration fee and parental contribution





                                                                 Registration fee                     Parental contribution                       


    Early Stimulation                               Naf. 50,- or $28,-                   Monthly:  Naf. 180,- or   $100,-



Only active during registration period (FEBRUARY 11th - 13th )

Starting at 8am

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